Practical things to help stop a problem getting worse

Harmful gambling isn’t just losing a certain amount. Everyone has different incomes, and everyone can afford to lose a different amount.

These tools let you self-check, to see if you have a problem, and then take measures to stop you gambling if you need to.

DEPOSIT LIMIT – limit the amount you can lodge to your account, so you can’t gamble with more than this.

LOSS/TRANSFER LIMIT – limit the amount you can lose, so after you’ve lost a certain amount, you can’t gamble any more, or the amount you can transfer out of your account.

TAKE A BREAK (SHORT BREAK) – Lock yourself out of your account for a defined period of time. We recommend you do this if you’ve been on a losing streak.

REALITY CHECKS – A simple reminder telling you how much time you’ve spent on our site.

SELF EXCLUSION (LONG BREAK) – this is a permanent lockout, for when you want to not be able to gamble with us again.

SELF ASSESSMENT – have a simple test on their website to help you assess if your gambling is causing a problem.


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